Chelyabinsk Compressor Plant

Chelyabinsk compressor plant LLC offers screw compressors, and screw compressor units with electric drive type DEN and DEN «OPTIM», with diesel drive type KV, compressor block-modular stations (BKK), nitrogen units and stations, autonomous, centrifugal compressors, high and medium pressure piston compressor, gas compressor units and oil-free spiral compressors.

We also provide a wide range of supplementary equipment: compressed air treatment equipment by CHKZ and Donaldson, air-tanks (receivers) and all the pneumatic equipment.

You can find the German version of the film here.

Our compressor units, compressed air treatment equipment and pneumatic audit are in conformity with the requirements of Federal standards and have certificates of conformity and quality.

CHKZ LLC has gained outstanding experience in realization of any complicated project. Among our loyal customers we have the biggest companies from Russia and abroad.

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We offer compressors and services both in Moscow and other regions. Contact us directly, contact our dealers and service centers.